Our Mission:

The Love is Love Movement is a foundation of compassionate individuals who express general concern for the well being of humanity as a whole. Our objective is to protect and promote the existence of love, for oneself and for others, no matter ones sexual orientation, gender, religion, race, or age. We commit to treating everyone with kindness and respect no matter what obstacles that may arise.

The Vision:

We are all human. Regardless of our sexual orientation, our race, our religion, our age, our gender, our past, our future, our beliefs or disbeliefs… we are all human. Despite all of our many differences, we are all human.

Stripped down to absolutely nothing, leaving behind only the foundation of our body, our skeleton remains. To the average eye, our living body becomes a mystery. Bones in sight, our once-existing differences fade away and the one subtle and honest truth survives: we are all human.

embrace protect promote

Embrace it.

As human beings, we share a connection that is beyond comparison. Love. An ever-lasting feeling of companionship, a heartache that feels physical, a longing that lasts a lifetime… humanity has love.

Protect it.

Despite our differences, love is love… Whether it is shared between a man and a woman, two men, two women, two people of different races, religions, ages, any differences that is glaring to the eye, love is still love.

Promote it.

The Love is Love Movement aims to achieve these milestones: embrace, protect and promote love, for oneself and for others, regardless of our differences as human beings.